LACE is leading the development of the Louisville Community Grocery (LCG), a cooperatively-owned grocery store that, when opened, will support neighborhoods abandoned by large supermarket chains. 

In 2019, the Louisville Community Grocery was incorporated as a Limited Cooperative Association in the state of Kentucky, and the first board of directors was established. Since that time, LACE + LCG have been working to bring the vision to life. Some of our accomplishments: 

  • Developed a business plan and preliminary pro forma 
  • Conducted detailed market studies on store locations identifying a few further investigation 
  • Engaged the community in our work recruiting owners over 500 in January 2022 and new volunteers in the effort
  • Raised seed capital to initiate the project as we implement a capital campaign to build the grocery

Work continues, follow the progress at Louisville Community Grocery web page and social media sites.